Monday, September 14, 2009

Martin Paralegal Services LLC works for Pro Se Litigants

Attorney fees, Attorney fees, Attorney fees! This is why Martin Paralegal Services LLC works for Pro Se Litigants, I have been a certified paralegal for 25 years and I have learned so much from working in the Criminal Justice System that I am committed to helping those consumers who represent themselves in court on Non-Contested legal matters. The number one complaint that I hear from Pro Se Litigants year after year is that they are tired of paying high cost attorney fees. If you are a Pro Se Litigant representing yourself on Non-Contested legal matters in court, you do not have to pay the traditional high cost of attorney fees that most large and small law firms charge.

Pro Se Litigants, Martin Paralegal Services LLC is your Informational Provider we believe in sharing legal information and helping educate Pro Se Litigants on their options to having to pay traditional high cost attorney fees. People are finding themselves in a variety of Non-Contested legal matters on a daily basis and people are starting to figure out and understand that Non-Contested legal matters do not require the representation of an attorney. Non-Contested legal matters are just that “Non-Contested”. Attorney fees range and vary from city to city and state to state, one of the most accepted rates of attorney fees is called the “Laffey Matrix” in the District of Columbia. These rates have been available since 1982 and continue to be updated every year. From June 2006 through May 2007 attorney fees were as follows: 20 plus years of experience $425 per hour, 11-19 years $375 per hour, 8-10 years $305 per hour, 4-7 years $245 per hour, 1-3 years $205 per hour, Paralegals & Law Clerks were able to bill out at $120 per hour.

What this means for Pro Se Litigants is that if you choose to have an attorney represent you on your Non-Contested legal matter you will pay between $120-$425 per hour. Some attorneys are charging more than the Laffey Matrix. Pro Se Litigants in the State of Colorado the Colorado Attorney Fees Initiative (2008) will give you an overview of attorney fees. Martin Paralegal Services will save Pro Se Litigants up to 85% of what they would pay for traditional attorney fees if you decide to do it yourself and this is why Martin Paralegal Services works for Pro Se Litigants.


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