Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What is a Non-Contested Divorce in Colorado?

Hello Pro Se Litigants, I am speaking from experience today when I discuss “What is a Non-Contested Divorce in Colorado” I was married for 15 years and I have four daughters when I got a divorce prior to May 2007. So what better way for Pro Se Litigants to get information on how a Non-contested divorce works in Colorado? The first thing that you will need to understand as a Pro Se Litigant is getting a Non-contested divorce can be a painless, no-stress process as long as you and your spouse “Agree” that your divorce will not become contested. I am not giving legal advice here I am only speaking from experience. Pro Se Litigants the courts in the State of Colorado do not, I repeat do not want to get involved and decide your financial affairs or parental responsibilities of your divorce. The courts would rather the couple agree and work out their own solutions before filing for divorce. I can tell you this Pro Se Litigants my ex-wife and I decided that we were not going to allow any attorneys become involved in and decide our private affairs and outcome of our divorce.

Pro Se Litigants this is how my divorce was decided: After you file for a divorce you will be required to attend a Initial Status Hearing Conference, the purpose of the Initial Status Hearing Conference is for you as a couple to meet and discuss any additional information that may have come up after you have filed for divorce. If you have children then both parties are required to attend a Parenting Class before the final hearing. If the couple continues to agree than your Final Hearing in front of the court will be set on or after the 91st day after you file. Pro Se Litigants this is how the process can work for you.

Getting a divorce is very stressful and very emotional for both husband and wife especially when there are children involved, but you have to remember that if you contest any part of your divorce after you file, then it is no longer considered Non-contested and be prepared to hire an attorney and pay attorneys fees. My divorce was filed February 2007 and my final divorce decree became final in May 2007, it cost less than $500 dollars. Pro Se Litigants what I learned being a Pro Se Litigant myself was that when couples come together and if they decide that getting a divorce is the only option I believe that couples will be better off deciding for themselves what the outcome will be, it is in their best interest to do so. Pro Se Litigants the more people you allow to make decisions for you the more money you are going to spend on attorneys fees it is that simple. I read an article recently which stated the following: “There is no such Thing as a Non-Contested Divorce” this article was written by a divorce attorney. I totally disagree with this article because it leads Pro Se Litigants to believe that the only option they have is to hire an attorney for their Non-contested divorce and that is not true. I can tell you that my divorce was 100% Non-contested and I am much better off now than having hired an attorney to take care of my best interest. Pro Se Litigants you have options on your Non-contested Divorce and that is always a good thing.

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