Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Martin Paralegal Services LLC offers Consumers Choice!!!

Martin Paralegal Services LLC is in the business of helping Pro Se Litigants who represent themselves in court, we also help consumers who need legal document preparation on non-court issues. We offer legal document preparation in the following areas: Appeals, Bankruptcy, Civil, Criminal, Domestic, Estate Planning, Foreclosures, Immigration & Naturalization, Juvenile, Personal Injury & Wrongful Death, Power of Attorneys, Probate, Small Claims, Subpoena and Wills. Our additional services include Business Plans for existing businesses, new businesses and start ups in any industry. We also provide Juvenile Justice System Consulting for those parents whose children are involved in the Juvenile Justice System; this is mostly for children who are on Diversion, Probation or Parole. We provide Professional Translations/Interpretation of all Business Documents, fluent in Reading, Speaking, Writing, English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

Martin Paralegal Services LLC will save consumers up to 85% of what they would pay in traditional attorney’s fees for the same services provided on Non-Contested matters. Martin Paralegal Services LLC believes that Pro Se Litigants are severely underrepresented when it comes to having their basic legal documents prepared in a fair, timely, professional and quality manner. Today’s consumers need to be made aware of the choices that they have, not everyone needs to have an attorney represent them in court on Non-Contested matters. Efrem B. Martin has been a certified paralegal for 25 years and understands the need of legal document preparation for Pro Se Litigants. Please feel free to contact us at our website www.martinparalegalservices.com or by telephone 720-980-7155. Pro Se Litigants allow Martin Paralegal Services LLC to be your first choice in preparing your Non-Contested legal documents. Efrem B. Martin BA, 25yrs Certified Paralegal & Owner of Martin Paralegal Services LLC

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